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Creating a Role Model
the Kansai Region

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) launched the J-Startup program in 2018, and is providing intensive support to approximately 140 startup companies nationwide.
J-Startup KANSAI will be implemented as Kansai’s version of METI's J-Startup program.
J-Startup KANSAI selects promising startups from the Kansai region seeking nationwide and worldwide expansion as "J-Startup KANSAI Companies," and provides intensive support through private-public partnerships to support the dramatic growth of selected companies.
By identifying promising startup companies that will serve as a role model from Kansai, and by establishing mechanisms to support and support them in the region, we aim to further strengthen the startup ecosystem in Kansai.
This is "J-Startup KANSAI."

J-Startup KANSAI Company

From the Kansai region to
Japan and the world

The selection was based on recommendations from 76 people who are familiar with startups in the Kansai region, including entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and accelerators who represent the Kansai region, from the viewpoint of "selecting and supporting in the region." We selected 31 promising startups from the Kansai region seeking nationwide and worldwide expansion as "J-Startup KANSAI Companies" based on recommendations given from the following five perspectives:
1) Vision and mission,
2) novelty and originality,
3) superiority,
4) growth potential, and
5) internationality.


In the future, we will provide the following support to selected companies.

  • Active support for J-Startup KANSAI companies, chiefly through the secretariat
  • Partial application of support from the METI J-Startup program
  • Corporate PR through a special J-Startup KANSAI website
  • Utilization of startup support projects implemented by the Secretariat and supporters, etc.
  • 株式会社PR TIMES
  • 株式会社コングレ
  • 株式会社神戸商工貿易センター
  • Plug and Play Japan株式会社
  • 株式会社ジョイントメディア
  • 株式会社ヴィス
  • 三井住友海上火災保険株式会社
  • EY新日本有限責任監査法人
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