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The Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI-KANSAI) has established the ”Kansai Start-up Supporters Conference”, which is organized by start-up supporters and institutions from industry, academia and government in Kansai.
We aim to present the start-up ecosystem that is being formed in Kansai to the whole country and attract entrepreneurs and investors from all over the country.

Kansai Start-up Companies List

With the cooperation of conference members and observers, we released the "Kansai Start-up Companies List" that summarizes information on start-up companies active in Kansai. It contains basic information on nearly 1200 start-up companies.

Survey of Kansai
start-up companies

Based on a questionnaire survey conducted for companies listed in the "Kansai Start-up Companies List", we analyzed and compiled a list which includes categories for industry type, business development fields, status of policy and growth support measure utilization, management issues, and future goals for Kansai start-up companies.

[Survey Results Summary]
Among the start-ups surveyed, “manufacturing” is actually more common than “information and communications” which is the more typical image of a start-up company. In the category for business development fields, “Medical”, “IoT”, “Lifestyle”, and “Bio, Drug discovery”, “Artificial Intelligence (AI)”, “Big data and Data Analysis” occupy the top positions. There are various support measures being provided by support organizations, and the most commonly used services in the last five years other than financing are “business matching”, “business plan pitching opportunities” and “taking advantage of incubator facilities”.
“Talent introduction” and “Investment” ranked high among the growth support measures that we would like to utilize in the future.

Kansai Start-up
Support Information

We have compiled an exhaustive list of support measures for start-up companies implemented by national and independent administrative agencies, local governments, universities, private companies, financial institutions, licensed professionals, incubator facilities, entrepreneurs and start-up communities located in the seven prefectures of Kansai.
At the same time, we released the “Kansai Start-up Event Calendar,” which provides up-to-date information on start-up support projects being undertaken by Kansai support organizations.

List of support measures (Japanese Only) 

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